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In a world where over 2 Billion people are under the threat of experiencing water scarcity, management of this resource is of immediate concern. With the growing misuse and contamination of water, Millions of people could be displaced by intense water scarcity by 2030. One-third of the World’s biggest Groundwater Systems are already in distress. It is therefore evident that the global water scenario is under severe danger.

In India too, the physical shortage of water is felt due to increasing number of regions reaching the limit at which water services can be sustainably delivered, especially in dry or arid regions. The major reason for the misuse of water is due to the failure of institutions to ensure a regular water supply or due to lack of adequate infrastructure. As a developing nation, India needs to tackle this problem urgently, with a strong focus on managing demand.

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  • Swach is an initiative that has been able to identify and facilitate ways of managing water as an integral part of its activities. Swach has actively ventured into projects encompassing Water Resource Management that aligns with the needs of both the society and the environment. Starting from drainage systems, irrigation, hydrology and hydraulics, Swach is dedicated towards building a more sustainable and hygienic future for its users.