Ecosystems and natural resources have been interdependent on each other since ages. Saving our own kind and valuing what we have is our responsibility as humans. Swach’s motives lies in understanding sustainability issues and amending ways to help the society as a whole. Our CSR Committee has hence, contributed themselves towards building strategies that can cater to the lives and emotions of every human being.


Realizing the significance of sustainability is extremely important in the society we live in. Creating consciousness about the environment and its components in the minds of the general population has been the backbone of our CSR Programmes. 


Increasing population, climate change, age-old policies have been pressurising and reducing natural water resources available for community consumption, agricultural and industrial purposes.

➥ As an organization that is dedicated towards sustaining water, we are entitled for saving and protecting the resource and making sure it reaches the public in its most hygienic form. For this very reason, we have collaborated with various local level entrepreneurs, NGOs, Foundations, micro finance agencies, Gram Panchayats and Municipalities in villages to spread news about our Village Level Water ATMs and create awareness about global issues. This in turn will give back to the society, a hope to sustain themselves, their families and their livelihoods.

➥ We value wastewater for its potential rather than disregarding or ignoring it. Safe wastewater management can ensure economic growth, formation of energy and nutrients and solving comprehensive problems. The availability of safe and sufficient water is intricately linked to how wastewater is managed.


➥ Issues like waste reduction, community participation in segmentation of waste at source, recycling and converting waste into energy are all parts of our agendas. Our solid waste treatment facilities have been built in such a way that can reduce the threat imposed on public health and the environment and on the other end give rise to economic gains.

➥ Waste Management is of great potential not only to us but also for contributing to the society by raising awareness and promoting eco-industrial production. We have been involved in this process from a long time and co-operated with small scale entrepreneurs, NGOs, municipalities and foundations who have worked and participated with us throughout by giving valuable inputs and innovative ideas.

  • Joining hands and supporting each other can make a big difference in the long run within our local communities, society and the environment. We believe in giving and making opportunities a part of the holistic atmosphere that we live in.