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Sewage treatment is not as easy task and requires various safety measures to be undertaken. Municipal wastes can hamper the lives and consumption process of not only humans but also plants and animals. Based on the present scenario, reducing wastewater generation and implementing on-site sewage and wastewater technologies are the two possible strategies that can generate purified water.

Apart from effluent, Swach Environment Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in Sewage Treatment as well. Through primary, secondary, tertiary treatment and odour control etc., we ensure safe removal of toxins, pathogens and other unwanted materials. This whole process improves health and environmental impacts, which is our ultimate goal. 


The direct link between sewage treatment and the oxygen levels has compelled us to take this agenda more seriously. The reduction and degradation of water resources associated with increasing interest in public health and hygiene has drawn the attention of Swach on the amount of freshwater available and its demand and supply levels.

We are working towards the existence of a systematic sewage system to maintain a sound environment and sustainable life cycles. Setting up sewage treatment facilities where purification levels are low, creating awareness and expanding our reach through various social platforms are our ambitions.