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Effluents bear large amounts of organic matter. The direct discharge of the effluents into water bodies causes depletion of DO Level (Dissolved Oxygen Level) of the water. Hence, in order to meet the recommended standards of quality, it is necessary to treat the effluent before it is finally disposed off.

As an organization that deals in Waste Management, Effluent Treatment falls under our periphery. Swach environment Pvt. Ltd. makes sure that the concerned amount of water is checked on the basis of established parameters and provides a standard, purified output. Feasibility and cost-effectiveness are the bases of our measurement factors. 

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We understand that if effluents are not treated properly, people and their lives will be adversely affected which can lead to unfavourable circumstances. To avoid such a situation, Swach has taken initiatives and steps that not only guards its users but also the environment. We have set up Storage Tanks, Equalization Tanks, Aeration Tanks and Sludge Drying Beds etc. to make sure the effluent treatment process is carried out in the most suitable way.


With the growing awareness of Water Management and its reserving needs, we are working towards expanding our boundaries, including refined processes and collaborating with Government bodies so as to reach the public, take precautionary measures and help create a protective atmosphere around the community.